Getting Rid of Rodents in Your Attic

Perhaps you are hearing strange sounds in your Nassau County attic. Scampering and scratching noise are not sign of ghosts, but an infestation. Depending on the type of animal that is infesting your attic, the type of solution that you need to employ will be different. You don’t want them to establish their nest in the attic since they can cause serious damages. In this article, we will guide you to the proper removal of these animals.

How to Keep the Rodents Away from Your Attic?
Before you can even utilize a control tactic, you will need to know first what you are dealing with and how serious the problem is. Different wild animals will produce different sound at different time. Since they will hide in the inconspicuous area of your house, you can determine the rodent by looking at their droppings. For instance, the mice dropping will be 1/8in while rat droppings are about 1/4in.

Identifying the Source of the Problem
The rodents will be attracted in your attic due to different reasons. They can be drawn by a possible food source near your house. Harvest your fruits and vegetables in advance. You should also clear the fallen fruits in your yard regularly. Your trashcan will also provide the animal with a steady supply of food. The rodent will also seek shelter that will make them comfortable. They can use different materials such as fabrics, feathers, papers, dried leaves, and twigs when creating their nest. Removing their access form these materials would keep your attic rodent free.

Restricting Their Access
The New York rodent can invade our house by using a hole that is around the size of the nickel. By sealing these holes, you will be able to keep them outside. If you have rat infestation, use a material that is harder than their teeth such as steel plate or hardware cloth. Sealing the holes should only be done once the animals are outside the attic. Otherwise, you may end up trapping them and they can die inside your attic. Dealing with the carcass of a dead rodent can be difficult.

Exclusion and Removal
If you have a large infestation, exclusion would be the best method to use. Place the exclusion device on the main entry point after sealing all the holes in your attic. Exclusion device is designed to allow the animal to leave your attic but will prevent them from returning. You should not remove the exclusion device immediately. You need to look for signs of active infestation such as fresh droppings and urine stains. After a week and you haven’t seen any signs, you may remove the exclusion funnel and seal the last remaining hole.

After the Nassau County animals have been removed from the attic, you will have to decontaminate your place. Rodents can carry different pathogens and fungal spores. They may also carry parasites that can be transferred to our pets. By using the right cleaning solution, you can avoid contracting diseases from the rodents.

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