Please be aware that each job is different, depending on the type of animals involved, the damage the animals may have caused, etc. To get a more exact price estimate, just give us a call at 516-543-6193 and describe your problem. We will be happy to give you a more exact price over the phone.

Small Jobs: This could be a one-stop trip such as to remove a dead animal or snake in the house. $100-$200 range

Medium Jobs: This could be a multi-stop project involving setting traps, making small repairs, etc. $200-$400 range

Large Jobs: This could mean several service visits with full home and attic inspection, the removal of multiple animals, complex repairs, attic cleanup, etc. $400 +

Your friendly local animal control company for the last fifteen years, we take pride in treating your home as if it were our own, dealing with pest animals quickly and efficiently with the minimum disruption. Our professional service starts with our excellent telephone advisers, who discuss your case with thought and consideration, offering practical information along with an idea of how much our services will cost along with how we would normally deal with your situation. We then look to respond quickly to your request, and have one of our specialists visiting your property within 24 hours. We are particularly experienced in dealing with flying creatures such as bats and birds in the attic, which can often be a challenge for other companies. We use exclusion as a potential solution when dealing with your attic, because with bats, birds and also animals such as squirrels, exclusion and then sealing an attic can actually be more efficient than using traps. We also take care of all of the repairs you need, and will even clean out and sanitize your property to give you the peace of mind that the harmful diseases transmitted by pest animals aren’t a threat to you and your family.