3 Common Diseases from Rat Urine

The urine of the rats is not only gross, it can also carry bacteria that can cause diseases and infection. In case you will need to clean an area that has been infested by the rats, you must proceed with extreme caution. The disease that you can caught from them can range from a mild illness to a deadly disease. Be sure that you will be armed with the protective gears. If you want to remain completely safe from the related health risks, allow the specialists to deal with your problem.

Different Illnesses Caused by New York Rat Urine
Once you notice the symptoms that are related with the disease caused by rats, do not wait for a moment and seek the assistance of the medical experts. Ignoring these diseases can lead to a serious and debilitating condition.

There are certain species of Nassau County rats that can carry hantavirus such as the rice rat and cotton rat. The roof rat as well as the Norway rat do not commonly carry this disease. The infected person may experience breathing difficulty and become debilitated. The hantavirus can be contracted by humans when the spores from the droppings of the infected rat have been dispersed. It can also be transmitted through the carcass and urine of rats. Initial symptoms of the disease may resemble the signs of a normal flu virus. Advanced type of the disease can cause breathing difficulty and can become fatal if not administered with the right type of treatment.

This is a bacterial infection that can be transmitted through the urine of the infected rodent such as rat. In case a food or water infected by the urine comes in contact with your wound or mucous membrane, the transmission of the disease is highly likely. Incubation period of the bacteria is around two weeks. Usually, once the symptoms have manifested, it will be difficult to treat the disease. If you suspect that you have been exposed to an infected water, inform your doctor immediately. Treating the disease is relatively easy during the early stage.

LCM (Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis)
This disease is caused by a viral infection known as Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis Virus or LCMV. You may acquire this disease if you have been exposed to the urine of the infected Nassau County rodent. The disease has a higher chance to spread during the cold months since the rats are entering our house to escape the winter. There are two phases of this disease; the first one will produce symptoms like a flu virus. Once it progresses to the second phase, our nervous system might be affected. Those who will survive the second phase can acquire a permanent damage on their neurological system.

Rats can transfer a range of diseases through a direct contact with their urine. In order to avoid this possibility, you should ensure that your house is free from their infestation. Ask the rat specialist to inspect your house in case you suspect that you are housing an infected rat.

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