Why Are There a Lot of Rats in New York

You will see them running on the subway tracks and hiding on the bushes. They will be infesting our garbage bags and will create a huge mess. The Nassau County rats have invaded the streets of New York and they will be more brazen during summer season. According to the story, the population of the rats in New York matches its current human population. However, there are really no precise estimate on the current number of rats in New York.

Where are These Rats Coming From?
Perhaps one of the biggest mysteries about the rats in NYC will be about its massive increase in its population. Although the city is implementing measures against rats, it seems that their population is still on the rise. The increase in their population exposes the people to health risks and property damages.

In order to understand where these rats came from and to determine the changes in their population, researchers from the Fordham University have executed a study last 2016. They have also collected genetic samples from rats and compared it with the genes of the rats from other parts of the world. According to the research, the brown rats in New York came from Mongolia and China and not in Norway.

Reasons Why Nassau County Rats Seem to be Everywhere
The main reason why rats seems to be conquering NYC would be gentrification. The construction in the city has exhumed the rat’s burrows that are forcing them to come out of their den. This is according to the observation of the experts. The mild winter in the city that is the result of the climate change has increased the rate of survival of the rats. It also provides the rats with an ideal climate to continuously reproduce. In addition, the increasing human population in NYC means that there will be more garbage. Therefore, there will be more food sources for the rats.

The Problem Continues
The invasion of the rat is not only restricted in the borders of Manhattan. In fact, similar problems are occurring as of the moment in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Philadelphia. Based on the latest reports, there has been a 15-25 increase of rats’ population in the major cities in the US. Rats are not just nuisance creatures; they are pests that can cause massive destructions and lead to the transmission of various diseases. Last 2017, there has been an outbreak of Leptospirosis in the Bronx that lead to the death of one resident.

Most of the leaders of the communities claimed that the whole city will need to have a higher dedication when getting rid of the rats. This means that more resources will have to be allotted in implementing measures that aim to eradicate the population of the rat. Today, most of the efforts of the city offer a short-term solution. This will not be sufficient to end the problems that have plagued the streets of NYC for years. Without true solution to the problem, the population of the rats will continue to thrive.

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